Viracopos International Airport, in Campinas (SP), will have a condominium of special warehouses for maintenance of equipment for auxiliary ground service companies and logistics companies. The works started this week and should be completed in eight months.

The center will be called Avir Viracopos Logística Aeroportuária and should start operating in March 2021. The site will have 7,400 m² of covered shed and another 13,000 m² for the maneuver of trucks and parking, separated in a modular way with the size of the areas varying between 800 m² and 400 m², with loading and unloading docks.

It is an enterprise with all the technical requirements for equipment loading and maintenance operations, with modern facilities that use the latest in terms of construction standards.

The space will be leased to companies using the airport, and five companies have already signed a contract to use the facilities. The project is carried out through a partnership between the concessionaire Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos and the companies JBens, Zavit Capital, RC Sollis and BF Participações.

The project is located in a prime area of ​​the airport, with easy access to the 'airside', not only facilitating the movement of equipment intended for maintenance, but also generating agility and speed in cargo operations in the aircraft apron.

“Despite all the challenges at the moment, this project is a clear demonstration that investments remain firm in Viracopos. I have no doubt that investments will continue to happen, as there is a lot of room for new opportunities within the airport complex”, said the CEO of Viracopos, Gustavo Müssnich.

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