Santos (SP) - Cargo handling at the Port of Santos in September totaled 12.2 million tons, 5.2% above the same period in 2019. This was the second best monthly movement for the month of September, having been slightly superseded only by September 2017.

In the accumulated result for the year, the movement reached 110.1 million tons, an increase of 10.2% over the same period in 2019 and 9.7% over the previous record for the interval, recorded in 2018. With this, the expectation is to end the year with the best mark in history, above the 134 million tonnes of 2019 - which had already been a record.

Both in the month and in the accumulated result for the year, shipments rose by double digits, compensating for the drop in landings and guaranteeing positive performance.

Porto maintained its historical level of participation in the Brazilian trade chain, accounting for 28.3% of national exchanges in the year. Approximately 27.0% of domestic commercial transactions with foreign countries that passed through the complex had China as a partner country. São Paulo is the state with the largest share (56.8%) in commercial transactions abroad with Porto.

Highlight of the month

Shipments, in the month, totaled 9.1 million tons, an increase of 13.4% over the numbers registered on the same annual basis. In the accumulated result for the year, this cargo flow reached 81.6 million tons, an increase of 15% over the same period in 2019.

Landings, on the other hand, totaled 3.0 million tons, down 13.8% over September 2019. Discharges accumulated in the year totaled 28.6 million tons, 1.6% below the same period last year.

The movement of solid bulk totaled 6.2 million tons, up 12.2% over the same month last year. For the good performance of this type of cargo, the shipments of sugar and soy meal were decisive.

Liquid bulk increased 18.6%, totaling 1.6 million tons, reflecting the good performance of diesel and diesel, citrus juices and fuel oil operations.

Loose general cargo reached 457.8 thousand tons, up 6.9%, mainly due to cellulose shipments.

Containerized cargo fell 10.8%, from 386,165 TEU (equivalent to a 20-foot container) to 344,427 TEU.

Sugar stood out as the busiest cargo in the month, with 2.7 million tons shipped, 95.1% above the figure registered in September last year.

Highlight in the accumulated result for the year

In the accumulated result for the year, solid bulks totaled 59 million tons, an increase of 19% in the annual comparison, with this record result for the interval.

Liquid bulk had an increase of 10.6%, totaling 13.7 million tons, a record move for the period, by surpassing the best previous mark of 2017 by 8.2%.

Loose general cargo decreased by 2.1% in the accumulated movement in the year, to 4 million tons, despite the good performance of cellulose.

Container handling reached 3,011,362 TEU, a decrease of 1.6% over the same interval in 2019. The flow of ships in the year accumulates 3,692 vessels, 2.1% above the previous year.

(*) With information from the Port of Santos