The Ministry of Agriculture stated that it is considering the possibility of requesting the temporary inclusion of rice, corn and soy in the list of exceptions to the Common External Tariff (LETEC). The objective is to balance the domestic market and curb the increase in prices for basic food basket products.

The measure is under discussion at the Ministry of Agriculture and should be taken to the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex), structured by the portfolio and by ministries such as Economy and Foreign Affairs.

The proposal has not yet been formalized and requires a prior request from the private sector. In the case of rice, this request has already been made. It is noteworthy that the import rate for countries outside Mercosur is 12% for rice and 8% for soybeans and corn.

Once approved, the request will be adopted on a preventive basis. According to the folder, in September the media should enter the agenda of the Executive Management Committee (GECEX), Camex's executive collegiate nucleus.