THElarge fire that hit containers inside a private port in the South Zone of Manaus,on Tuesday afternoon (18), it is controlled, according to the Chief of the General Staff of the Fire Brigade, Colonel Jair Ruas Braga. The corporation's work at the scene to combat the flames of the accident has alreadypasses 15 hours.Also according to the military, "there is no risk of explosion".

Around 10:45 am on Wednesday (19), the colonel reported that eight containers from the private port were partially affected, and 400,000 liters of water have already been used in this process of fighting the flames. Altogether, 30 military personnel are in control.

“The fire is controlled and confined. There is no more risk and we are now in the cooling part and we will put an end to [the fire] for the aftermath phase ”, he said.

During the Colonel's pronouncement, the report found, again, a strong black cloud of smoke that reduced in the early morning.

“Inside the container, you cannot know [now] what is burning and, therefore, we are fighting. Black smoke is some material that is inside and we still don't know what it is. As the temperature is very high, it is melting and, together with the company, we are removing the containers to advance the process and carry out the cooling and smothering ”, he explained.

According to the colonel, it was verified that there were plastic materials inside some containers. For the combat process, he said that foam generating liquid (LGE) was used to reinforce the muffling of the fire.

Asked about the end of the aftermath at the site, Braga said he believed that firefighters should "come in at night", as they still remove some containers to reach the fire. He stated that the area was isolated and the work within the company remains normal.

The fire

Photo: Eliana Nascimento / G1 AM

The large-scale fire started around 4:20 pm in a private port, in the South Zone of Manaus, on Tuesday afternoon (18). The Fire Brigade teams were called to the scene. No one was hurt.

According to firefighters, a lightning strike would have hit a container and started the fire on the spot. At least six containers had already been hit by fire until the first team arrived. According to firefighters, 35 containers are disposed in the area.